We supply and install solar-powered CCTV outdoor surveillance security camera systems in Durban. For home, office factory security.

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Wireless CCTV camera security with solar power

29 September 2021, Wednesday | Written by: Eyecam
Wireless CCTV camera security with solar power

Keep your property secure with solar outdoor surveillance cameras

In the volatile crime prone area of Durban, security for your home or factory is incredibly important and your prime responsibility to protect your valuables. An outdoor surveillance camera becomes an absolute necessity for this purpose. However, it is a much more conscientious idea to go for a solar-powered, wireless security camera for many good reasons:

  • Even if you you are connected to Eskom, being independant from the power grid for your security, is essential. Using solar can power your security/camera system where there is no access to power what so ever.
  • Your assests are at their most vulnerable when the camera goes off. If your camera is solar powered with it’s own solar panel, your CCTV camera will never go off, not even in an area that is remote and completely off grid.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that your camera is always working and collecting data for you, and it will be one less thing to worry about.

Camera specifications are carefully chosen according to their surrounds

Cameras are specked according to the surrounds, environment , geographical area and wireless distance. Eye Cam will always insist on a site survey prior to quoting and Installing.

Generally Eye Cam will consider either the Hikvision or Dahua Brand CCTV Cameras. These need to be IP67 Outdoor-rated and have significantly good IR Illumination.

A 3G router is installed allowing access to the security cameras from any mobile device anywhere in the word.

With that being said, being able to check your CCTV camera from anywhere in the world is a standard feature now with CCTV surveillance and an integral part of making sure that you are looking after what you own.

It is connected to a 3G router, that also runs off the solar energy, which will enable you to remotely access your security cameras from any mobile device from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night, from an app downloaded to your device. The 3G network is extremely stable, for those places that have an unstable wifi connection ensuring steady connectivity.

The camera has night vision, motion detection as well as two way audio. It has a high resolution that sends you images of your property that is crystal clear. It also comes with a micro sd card with a huge amount of data space so that constant video surveillance footage can be recorded and played back later.

Every potential risk to your property will be identified accurately and sent to you immediately and on demand.

Experts are required to install the solar panels and camera for stable usage

The technical aspect of the solar security system is that the solar panel must be suitable to power the outdoor surveillance cameras and to recharge the installation’s battery, and also catering for less sunny days. We are the complete experts and know the correct calculations that will provide you with a stable and optimal CCTV installation that will work hard for you.

Our remote security cameras can be installed even in the most remote or geographically challenging environments as our staff are highly skilled, well-trained and very experienced.

Conclusion: Solar greatly improves your security

Feel content in knowing that In changing to solar, not only does it greatly improve your security, but you will also be a part of lessening the negative impact on the environment in your small way by choosing this environment-friendly solution.